Quick line description:
A lightweight plugin that protects selected WP Admin users.

Quick WordPress plugin highlights:

  • Lightweight plugin to minimize your site’s resource consumption.
  • Great for distributed workforces and teams.
  • Focuses strictly on WP Admin users.
  • In dashboard logs (free version) and email notifications (PRO version) for transparency & no-trust protection for WP Admin users.

Protect specific WordPress admin users from being edited, modified, or deleted by other users and admin. Get notified by email when someone attempts to modify your protected admin users. Get full access to logs and data of users who attempted to modify protected admin user accounts.

A Digital Tools & Technology Company

Starting out as an agency focused on initiatives that generated a portion, if not all, of a business unit’s revenue online, Keystroke Click Creative has transitioned to a digital tools and technology company.

Due to a recent partnership in 2021, we learned the company’s efforts, expertise and strengthens provided better value empowering and helping clients & customers achieve operational and workflow efficiencies within their initiatives.

This recognition led us to update our mission to helping our customers, clients and partners achieve their goals in a new way. So, out with the old and in with the new — but in either case, we’re still here to help you. (Aw, snap! We’re poets and didn’t know it.)