Digital and online minimum viable products, platforms or apps are great initiatives for entrepreneurs or businesspeople to validate new ideas through generating initial revenue from customers or real-time user engagement to pitch investors for early rounds of funding.

To Help Ideas grow

Each MVP & MVA Includes

Responsive Design

Mainly for web apps, all minimum viable projects include design and UI/UX for mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

Growth Recommendations

A complementary Growth Recommendation Plan after the project is complete (valued at $10k).

Post-Launch Support

Thirty (30) days of post-launch support.

Pricing to Make Your Idea Real

Whether your digital or online minimum viable initiative plans to roll out one feature at a time, or multiple features for it’s debut, we can make it real!


The pricing shared below reflects where projects begin. Please complete an assessment and schedule a call to receive accurate pricing for your specific project.

Base price for 1 core feature: $20,000

Each Additional/Complementary Feature: $5,000
Web App or Mobile App (for Apple App Store + Google Play Store)
Delivery: 90 days
Ongoing Hosting, Support & Maintenance package is available after the 30-day launch support period at $300/mth

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